Society & Culture Example

Review your history and topography with uniquely created graphs and maps; plunge into measurable examinations of your preferred elite athletics groups and players; get exact, convenient information and profound recorded setting about key financial and market patterns; or utilize straightforward characteristic language contributions to investigate dietary information, mainstream society, individual money and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


Find out around a huge number of remarkable people from antiquated occasions to the present day.

Compare several people:

Albert Einstein, Paul Dirac, Richard Feynman

Find information about a current political leader:

Narendra Modi
Arts & Media

Explore and look at realities about motion pictures, music, workmanship, funnies, and other media.

Know about a piece of artwork:

Mona Lisa

Get information about a notable text:

US constitution

Look into historical people, places, and occasions, including creations and military clashes.

Know about a historical event:

Hiroshima bomb

Compute the current value of a historical quantity of US money:

US$2500 (1950 US dollars)
Words & Linguistics

Find and analyze definitions and different properties of words or investigate dialects of the world.

Find definitions and other properties of a word:

word march

Compare multiple languages:

French, English, Hindi, Sanskrit
Money & Finance

Keep eyes on global stock exchanges, convert currencies or calculate a tip.

Find and analyze current data about a stock:

General Electric

Do a mortgage computation:

mortgage $150,000, 6.5%, 30 years
Dates & Times

Convert between time zones or calendar systems or explore historical events and holidays.

Add and subtract dates and times:

27 hours from now

Find out the facts about a date:

July 4, 1776
Food & Nutrition

Produce custom nutrition labels for a meal or investigate point by point measurements on worldwide horticulture.

Specify a food by brand name:

12 peanut M&Ms

Analyze nutritional information for combinations of food:

ham and cheese sandwich
Demographics & Social Statistics

Get detailed statistics on race, age, marital status, religion and more.

Find out particular facts about an area:

black population in Africa

Rank countries:

African country with highest life expectancy
Institutions & Organizations

Retrieve historical and operational data about companies, schools, libraries or universities.

Get data about a college or university:

New York University

Do computations with company data:

employees Bose/Vizio
Art & Design

Look over an incredible arrangement of computational apparatuses identified with hues, picture handling, photography and the sky is the limit from there.

Compare colors:

green vs red

Apply a filter to an image:

apply bilateral filter to dog image
Political Geography

Dig into detailed physical and financial information about nations, districts, urban communities, postal codes and then some.

Request a class of information about a country:

Peru geography

Compare several counties:

Orange County California, Orange County Florida
Points of Interest

Process answers to inquiries regarding the history, development and capacity of structures, spans, parks, memorable locales and other striking structures.

Locate an airport and get information about it:

Midway Airport

Compare parks:

Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park

Look up, compare and compute with data about professional sports teams and players, sports objects, and Olympic games.

Get information about an NFL team:

Dallas Cowboys

Get information about an NBA team:

Golden State Warriors

Get data about global education or details about notable educational institutions.

Get education statistics for a country:

how many kids are repeating primary school in Mexico

Get information about a US public school:

Hilo High School
Games & Puzzles

Access data about Pokémon and other video games or compute solutions to different types of word puzzles.

Analyze a bet in roulette:

bet the corner at roulette

Find anagrams of a word or phrase:

anagrams pepsi cola


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