Everyday Life Example

Search for Oscar winners, keep tabs on your stock portfolio, compute nutritional values for meals, check the weather or convert recipe measurements-SubjectMate|Solver's powerful algorithms and massive knowledge-base can help with everyday tasks from cooking to homework to changing a tire.

Measure Health

Compute nutritional information about the food you eat or the energy expenditure for your daily activities.

Compare activities:

watching tv / sleeping

Compare the amount of a particular nutrient in multiple foods:

caffeine in 20 oz. coffee, 20 oz. soda
Basic Finance

Get stock information, currencies conversion and access calculators for mortgages, loans, living cost and more.

Currency conversions:


Get gold price data:

price of gold in India

Learn some new jokes, play with image transformation or engage the warp drive.

Get the punchline to a joke:

why did the chicken cross the mobius strip

Investigate differences in warp factor in different series:

warp speed 6 in deep space 9
Household Math

Use natural language to ask everyday math problems.

Unit conversions for a quantity:

120 meters

Find out addition of fractions:

1/6 + 5/12 + 3/4
Household Science

Get authoritative answers to common questions about astronomy, chemistry, physics and more.

Find out information about an animal species:

blue jay

Local weather forecast:

what's the weather tonight?

Ask about albums and bands, solve classic puzzles and explore data about movies and other topics.

Find music acts meeting given criteria:

bands with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page

Connect a work of art with other subjects:

what was the age of Leonardo when the Mona Lisa was painted?

Find the cost of living in another city, and identify a plane flying overhead.

Find flights with a specified route:

flights from LAX to NYC

Compare prices in multiple cities:

men's dress shirt cost in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Atlanta
Dates & Times

Count down to notable holidays, convert between any time zones, or explore historical anniversaries for every day of the year.

Calculate a length of time:

8:25 am to 7:10pm

Get information about the calendar:

Which months have 31 days?
Today's World

Get constant information about the weather, discover facts about world leaders or analyze data about newsworthy economic indicators.

Find out economic information about the world:

world gdp per capita

Get unemployment data for a US state:

unemployment rate North Dakota


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