Science & Technology Example

SubjectMate has extensive knowledge related to science and technology. Using the computational power behind SubjectMate|Solver, solve problems involving physics, chemistry, engineering, computational sciences and many other domains.


Perform calculations utilizing equations from material science, the part of science considering properties of issue and vitality.

Solve mechanical work:

work F=40N, d=110m

Find out photon energy by given wavelength:

photon energy 437nm

Perform calculations utilizing equations from science, the part of science concentrating the nature and associations of substances.

Know about a chemical element:


Balance a chemical equation:

Al + O2 -> Al2O3
Units & Measures

Convert between units, inspect data on various estimation gadgets or investigate standard sizes for an assortment of items.

Unit conversions for a quantity:

125 meters

Discover what different devices measure:

what does a bourdon gauge measure

Perform calculations utilizing equations from building, the part of science concentrating the innovation of planning structures or frameworks by means of logical strategies.

Calculate magnetic flux density for an object:

2m 2A Helmholtz coil

Find out the maximum force of a spring:

spring maximum force
Computational Sciences

Compute properties of unique machines in computational sciences, the part of science contemplating PCs and their utilization.

Solve properties of an elementary cellular automaton:

rule 110

Find out properties of a Turing machine:

Turing machine 2506
Earth Sciences

Investigate data about frameworks in Earth sciences, the part of science concentrating the physical constitution of the Earth.

Find out information about one of the Earth's geological layers:


Find out the saturation vapor pressure:

saturation vapor pressure 30C

Investigate the properties of a scope of materials from minerals to artificial compounds and plastics.

Find information about an alloy:

carbon steel

Convert a specific material hardness to various other systems:

Mohs 6.5

Inspect data about an assortment of transportation frameworks, which are utilized to move the two individuals and things across town or around the globe.

Find out information about an automobile model:

Mini Cooper Roadster

Do computations on airline data:

average daily passengers United / Delta
Technological World

Get insights regarding our mechanical world, including data about satellites, photography, atomic force and carbon impressions.

Get data about a broadcast station:


Encode text as a barcode:

barcode SubjectMate
Life Sciences

Get details about existence sciences, the part of science concentrating living life forms.

Detail information about a human anatomical structure:


Compare species:

fish, tiger, red fox
Space & Astronomy

Explore a scope of themes including space and stargazing, from divine items and galactic occasions to kept an eye on space missions and space tests.

Generate a star chart:

star chart

Do computations on star properties:

mass Proxima Centauri / Sun
Weather & Meteorology

Get information identified with climate and meteorology, the part of science concentrating environmental marvels.

Get a current local weather report:


Calculate the wind chill:

wind chill calculator, 25 degrees F, 30mph
Physical Geography

Investigate the data about physical geology, the part of science concentrating on the normal highlights of the Earth.

Generate maps of a specified country:

India map

Compare a property of continents:

highest elevation of South America vs North America
Health & Medicine

Get data identified with well being and medication, including data about activities, human life structures, remedies and emergency clinics.

Various body statistics based on height, weight, etc.:

human, 5ft 8in, 258lb

Compare yoga poses:

downward facing dog, upward facing dog pose
Food Science

Research information identifying with food science, the part of science considering information on food sources and food creation.

Analyze nutritional information for a food:

2 slices of apple

Determine how long it takes to cook a turkey:

time to cook a 30 lb turkey


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