Microeconomics with Study - Answer the following questions.

After you have studied Reading Between the Lines on pp. 74–75, answer the following questions.

a. What happened to the price of peanut butter in 2011?


b. What substitutions do you expect might have been made to decrease the quantity of peanut butter demanded?


c. What is the main complement of peanut butter and what do you predict happened in its market in 2011?


d. What is one of the main substitutes in production for peanuts and what do you predict happened in its market in 2011?


e. Do you predict that the higher prices of peanuts and peanut butter will persist or will they return to normal after one year?


f. Why did the percentage rise in the price of peanuts exceed the percentage rise in the price of peanut butter?


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Solve using Hahn-Banach Theorem.

3) Let X be a normed space and 0 # xo e X. Using Hahn-Banach Theorem(Normed Spaces) show that X there exists a bounded linear functional f:X + C such that f(x) = 1 and 1 ||||| = ||xg||

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Determine the flow in each pipe using the Hardy Cross method?

For the pipe network shown below, determine the flow in each pipe using the Hardy Cross method. All pipe f= 0.03 and pipe diameters are 1 m and given flows are in m3/s. Perform three (3) iterations until you get delta Q equal to zero. You are required to show basic calculations 30 20 15 35 Pipe Length (m Pipe Length (m) AB BC CD FE DE 10 10 10 20 30 AH BG CF GF HG 30 30 30 20 20

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Trends Changing Supply Chain Management

After reading the Hitachi Consulting White Paper titled, Six Key Trends Changing Supply Chain Management Today, from your perspective choose the two most important trends from the list of six; explain each trend and why you feel it has the most impact on supply chain management today. Be sure to include a real-life example of a company that has been impacted by each of the two trends that you have selected.
Trend 1 - Demand Planning;
Trend 2- Globalization;
Trend 3- Increased competition and price pressures;
Trend 4- Outsourcing;
Trend 5- Shortened and more complex product life cycles;
Trend 6 - Closer integration and collaboration with suppliers

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Prepare the income statement and prepare the statement of financial position.

QUESTION THREE The following list of balances has been extracted from the financial records of Pemba # Plc as at 31 December 2018: Details Amount (K) Sales 11,178,000 Purchases 7,625,000 Inventory at 1 January 2018 850,000 Administrative salaries 620,000 Selling and distribution wages 400,000 Rent, rates and insurance 219,000 Telephone expenses 210,000 Advertising 175,000 Debenture interest paid 35,000 Heat and light 213,000 Bank overdraft interest 35,000 Audit fees 91,000 Ordinary shares of 50 ngwee each 1,200,000 Retained profits at 1 January 2018 680,000 Bank overdraft 430,000 10% Debentures 2030 700,000 Property at cost 1,900,000 Depreciation of property at 1 January 2018 250,000 Machinery at cost 1,500,000 Depreciation of machinery at 1 January 2018 450,000 Motor vehicles at cost 480,000 Depreciation of motor vehicles at 1 January 2018 80,000 Trade receivables 960,000 Trade payables 345,000 Additional information: (0) The closing inventory at 31 December 2018 was valued at K935, 000. (ii) Depreciation is to be charged on the following bases: Property 2% of cost Machinery 10% of cost Motor vehicles 20% of reducing balance (iii) Electricity used in the year but not paid for was K3,000. (iv) Debenture interest unpaid must be provided for, as well as a tax liability of 500, 000 (v) The annual insurance policy of K90,000 was paid in full to 30 June 2019. Required: (a) Prepare the income statement of Pemba Plc for the year ended 31st December 2018 (b) Prepare the statement of financial position of Pemba Plc at 31st December 2018.

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In particular, between NumberGuessers and GridWriters, which need to throw exceptions, and which need to catch exceptions?

In this assignment, we will revisit assignments from previous modules and add exception handling. There are three classes that we have written that can be significantly improved by adding exceptions. The Circle class, for example, should probably throw an IllegalArgumentException if setRadius is invoked with a negative argument. 

This week we will work on improving the GridWriter class and both of the NumberGuesser classes. You can download a simplified copy of the GridWriter code Here: GridWriter.zip.  If you are not fully satisfied with your NumberGuesser and RandomNumberGuesser classes then you can download working code here: NumberGuessers.zip

Refresh yourself on the details of these two projects, then read about the required modifications for the assignment below.

GridWriter Class: You will modify the GridWriter class by adding additional collection style functionality. The GridWriter class should get two new methods:

  • public int size()  should return the number of GridItems stored in the GridWriter
  • public GridItem get(int index)  should return the stored GridItems by index.

Consider the following code. The first line creates a GridWriter object.  Then two items are added to the GridWriter. The index of the items will be 0 and 1. Notice how the for loop uses the size and get methods to print out the areas of the two items

GridWriter gw = new GridWriter(40, 50);

gw.add(new MyCircle(10, 10, 9));

gw.add(new MyRectangle(40, 0, 10, 10));

for (int i = 0; i < gw.size(); i++)

Once you have these two methods working you should add exception logic to the get method. The following code should cause your GridWriter to throw an IndexOutOfBoundsException. 

GridWriter gw = new GridWriter(40, 50);

gw.add(new MyCircle(10, 10, 9));

gw.add(new MyRectangle(40, 0, 10, 10));

GridItem i = gw.get(2);

Although the array inside the Gridwriter has a capacity of 4, it only stores two GridItems. '2' is not a valid index. Add a throw statement to your get method that will throw an IndexOutOfBoundsException for any invalid index. You do not need to catch the exception anywhere. 

Submit your modified GridWriter.java. 

NumberGuesser classes: When you worked on the NumberGuesser classes you might have noticed that the higher() and lower() methods can be called until there are no possible values left for the guesser to guess. In this case, it seems fair for a NumberGuesser to throw an IllegalStateException.

If the NumberGuesser classes were upgraded in this matter then it would be possible to add some exception handling code to the number guessing game so that the users could be notified when the guesser has caught them cheating. 

The higher and lower methods of both the NumberGuesser and RandomNumberGuesser should throw the exception if there are no more remaining numbers to guess. You might be able to achieve this by adding the logic to your NumberGuesser and letting RandomNumberGuesser inherit the behavior. Or you might need to add the logic to both classes. It will depend on your implementation.

Add a try-catch block to your number guessing game so that the user is notified if the sequence of 'h' and 'l' responses is untenable. Feel free to use the code in NumberGuessers.zip as the starting point for your modifications. 

What to Submit

Submit a zipped directory that contains all of the code for both projects. The zipped directory should have two subdirectories. One named "GridWriter" and one named "NumberGuesser".  Those directories should contain all of the .java files required for each project, both the files that you modified and the files that you did not.

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What happens on performing below file operations?

  1. What happens when you drag and drop a file using the right mouse button?
  2. What happens when you drop a file while holding the Ctrl key and releasing the Left mouse button?
  3. It takes effort to copy files and directories from a USB drive or the Content System or OneDrive to the local drive, work with and save them locally, and then transfer the local files back. Is it worth the effort? Why or Why not?

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Give an efficient algorithm and analyze the time and space requirements of your algorithm.

NJIT decides to introduce its own coinage with three different types of coins: 1 cent, 5 cents, and 8 cents. We would like to know what is the minimum number of coins we can use if we pay for an item worth n cents. Give an efficient algorithm that if given n as input, prints as output the minimum set of coins that has a value exactly n. Analyze the time and space requirements of your algorithm. Prove its correctness. For example, you can pay an item worth 40 cents by giving five 8-cent coins; other alternatives are eight 5-cent coins, or forty 1-cent coins, or say four 8-cent, one 5-cent, and three 1-cent coins.

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