Draw the class diagram.

Draw the class diagram, showing all attributes, functions, and cardinalities for the below case study:


When an order is made, the employee input the details regarding the destination, order amount, and customer details into the system which then processes the order. An invoice is generated with the details input. The time, date, and destination of the delivery are also printed on the invoice.


This business process deals with all financial transactions in the organization. It keeps track of sale invoices, the salary of employees, and purchase cost. Each transaction is recorded and monthly financial reconciliation is made to keep track of the company's expenditures.


The eggs are maintained at optimal temperatures. Once they are ready to be sold and transported to the customer, they are packed, branded with the expiry date, and are then transported in vehicles to the respective delivery destination. The stock level is depleted accordingly. The feeding process is also controlled by some specific conditions.

Product delivery

Employees have to inform the drivers about the product delivery destination via text messages. The latter has a time delay to respect in order to maintain good customer service and that the product reaches the destination in good condition. As soon as the product is delivered, a notification is sent to the employee who processed the order who then informs the customer of successful delivery.

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